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Oops- Mommy has pregnancy brain! May 18, 2010

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So, my Mom likes to think she’s a pretty well educated, intelligent person. Then, she makes stupid mistakes and she thinks, “Duuuh, why didn’t I realize that?!?”. She was surfing on a pregnancy forum, and someone explained that when you’re looking up fetal development, you actually look at the week AHEAD of where you are, because otherwise you are actually looking at what has already happened. Duh! So- her updates have really been a week behind this whole time. Woopsie! (Any pregnant lady will tell you that you start to feel like the baby is eating your brain, and that’s what she’s sticking too, darnit!).

SO- here is what I’m ACTUALLY looking like this week! You see, I already have 9 weeks done, so as of 9 weeks, 1 day…I need to know what week 10 looks like because that’s technically where I am!

Here is a model of what a fetus like me looks like in comparison to someone’s hand…

This is how big my feet are right now! So cute!

Well, she is behind in posting, so now she has to make a post about hearing my heartbeat, and then she needs to write about week 10/11!

Love you all! Xoxo


One Response to “Oops- Mommy has pregnancy brain!”

  1. Cindy Kitner Says:

    Juliet, I love reading any posts you want to make regardless of where Baby Lightner has been or where (s)he is headed to!! Thank You for taking the time to write!

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